Your Great Homepage Layout Only Fills Half The Glass

If you want to do a homepage that focuses on a variety of things, that is all well and good. But forget about optimizing it for search engines. You need to have no more than five primary keywords that your content revolves around, and these keywords need to be pretty similar to one another.

Banner exchanges might be fond memories of those who were online in the mid 90′s, when the Internet was really starting to catch fire. However, these exchanges are still alive and well among those that participate in them! Get involved in one or more to have links and exposure for your website out there.

Make a habit of asking other websites for backlinks. Sometimes, other webmasters are happy to give you a backlink in exchange for you doing the same for them. It works even better if you can get a three way triangle going on so that search engines do not see too many links being swapped between two pages.

Go out and make your own backlinks. Use article submissions to free directories, social media marketing, forum posts and blog comments whenever you can. Focus on websites that are relevant to yours for better links, but get your links out there as much as you can. Create video content that others might decide to share and have the original website link embedded.

Make sure your websites are indexed. This might go without saying, but it honestly can take some time for the spiders to find you. Just go ahead and submit your page as soon as it exists so that the search engines know where to find you.

If you are doing business, set up a marketing budget that you can afford every month. Split it up between professional search engine optimization consultation, pay per click advertising on search engine pages for the keywords you focus on and to have third parties generate backlinks for you. Never go it alone if you can afford it.

Reorganize your internal crosslinks. There are actually website architecture structures that do not change how the human side of your homepage works, but makes certain parts of your site look far more important to search engines than others.

Designing a killer website with solid material is critical to keeping those that visit your website. On the other hand, getting them there in the first place is the other half of the glass that you need to fill. Use the search engine optimization techniques in this article to round out your online success.

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